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Clipping path (Wiki) service is a very much demandable service nowadays which is provided by the most experienced, accomplished and focused service providers round the globe. Clipping crowd is one of the leading offshore graphic design house which offers Photoshop clipping path service and other graphic design related services such as photo retouching, photo restoration, photo editing etc.

We provide the finest quality image editing services at the lowest possible rate. We have a very much talented team of graphic designers to provide you utmost quality service. We are thoroughly professional and highly committed to our clients. We always ensure our clients to deliver our service on time and at the lowest possible cost. We never compromise on the quality which is the most widely acclaimed part of our service.

We are specialized in Clipping path service, Multiple clipping paths, Background removal, Image and photo optimization, Photo masking, Photo retouching, Color correction, Shadow and reflection create or removal, Online Magazines and Neck Joint Image Manipulation, Image enhancing, Cropping and Resize image, Layer and channel masking.

We also provide Raster to Vector conversion, Photo restoration, Logo and Creative design, Creative Architecture- Auto Cad, Photoshop clipping mask, Photoshop clipping path, Clipping path In-design, Clipping mask In-design, Clipping mask illustrator, Clipping path illustrator and Object Removal.

The requirement of clipping path service is very high within the photo productions, specialists like website design, advertising agencies, graphic design, digital photographers and so on. It is rather exclusive to hire these types of professionals where Clipping Crowd is offering this service for individuals and business all over the world at an affordable price.

The use of a compound path is also very much common in the photography industry that results from the combination of different color within a single image or multiple paths for different product. It is commonly used for background drop out and color correction purposes.

Clipping images is widely used in flyers, catalogs, magazines, posters, brochure, e-commerce websites and all other fields where usage of images are very much frequent. For this reason, clipping path service has become quite popular to publishing houses, photographers, web developers, graphics design services etc.

We closely work with different worldwide renowned magazine or catalog companies, pre-press and printing companies, famous model product and fashion photographers, well-known photo studios and web design houses. As we have in-depth knowledge in this sector, you can take the chance of our free trial service before taking your final decision.

The delivery time depends on the complexity and volume of the image or images. In almost every case, we can send the edited image within 0 to 24 hours. We can send between 600 up to 5000 images of average complexity within 24 hours. If you have less than 60 images, we can deliver it in an hour or so. If you have more than 50 images, we can send it in 6 to 12 hours, again, depending on the complexity level of each image.

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Key Points

  • Lowest possible rate
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Payment after getting my job
  • Quick conversation
  • Quick turnaround
  • Quick delivery (1h, 3h, 6h, 12h & 24 hours)
  • Customer Care is always standby for 24/7
  • 3000 Images Processing in a single Day!!!
  • Easy and flexible uploading system
  • Faster and Unlimited VPN system
  • My own secured FTP account
  • We never charged twice
  • Monthly payment schedule available
  • 3 shift = Day+Evening+Night
  • Quotation within few minutes
  • Get back my free trial job withing an hour
  • Strictly following 3 phases for controlling quality
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