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Our graphic designers are experienced with several years in using CLIPPING PATH. We are highly designed to use the pen tool to
edit every image to make highly satisfied to our clients

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Clipping path service provider

Clipping path service is the most innovation of the modern product photography, although getting perfect pictures is not too difficult for technology. But for this, professional image piece of editing is needed which is possible to get here at clipping crowd. As we have a strong dedicated team which is coming up with specialists so we know better how to use Photoshop tools to form good clipping methods.

Our graphic designers are experienced with several years in using clipping path. We are highly designed to use the pen tool to edit every image to make highly satisfied to our clients. We know very well when to zoom any image in which extent. We are liable to give our clients best service by 24 hours a day.

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image clipping path service

Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping path is considered as closed vector path or form. In shortly, it’s a method of surgical procedure clip from their background.

In the broad sense, clipping path may be a special technique of deleting or dynamic the shadow position, concealing some unwanted piece of image background by victimization with some image editors. Although a special pen tools area unit principally use to manipulate the image however it’s one of the tough edge vector masking procedures.

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photo clipping path service

Clipping way is one of the most popular photo editing services around the world.

We are providing the lowest price and dedicated services in this manner. We can give you quality work and guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied with the completed work. The clipping road service is used to isolate an important part of an image, and we provide this service to our end. The image that we select is liked by the clients, the path can be a part of the picture.

photoshop clipping path service company

100% Hand Made Photoshop deep etching, photo cut out, image clipping path

The World is evolving with the change of rapid technology where graphic designing become one of the latest crazes of the nation. Photography related tools and education are interrelated with this sector. People are coming under one umbrella to exchange their value via the Internet.

Designing needs excellence and sometimes when you are drawing or creating something, you need some sort of cut out images to get flawless results. Photoshop is one of the best solutions for this which offers an amazing tool that is clipping path to cut out the image faultlessly and removing the unwanted background.

Nowadays clipping path has captured it's all attention of the photographers, it's opened a brand new door of discovering a superb world of Photoshop wherever an individual will feel the distinction between the initial photograph with the clipping path enclosed image.

Because of the high demand for clipping path services, most of the graphic companies are interested in accumulating specialist about this sector for their purchasers. Most of the skilled creative person is incredibly abundant keen on victimization this tool for his or her future career, graphic designers, web site developers, advertising companies, catalog corporations, interior companies and plenty of additional image industries area unit already habituated with this clipping path service.

Uses of Clipping Path

Clipping path means modifying a picture and creating changes of an image. It is a process of sterilization a picture to induce it sliced from one background and putting it on another background with the help of the higher effects. This tool works best for jagged and defined edge pictures.

This is basically used by photographic industries to provide the most effective footage that no alternative tool can give. The pen tool is used for clipping path because it fabricates flawless results by removing background whereas maintaining the image normally.

Procedures of Clipping Paths

There are some basic processes which need to follow for clipping path, let us see the way to produce clipping methods:

  • Open the picture which you want to form as the clipping path.
  • Click on the full-screen mode and press Z on your keyboard. Now click on “File” menu and zoom the image to two-hundredth to get a higher read of the sides.
  • Roll on to the path panel and choose a replacement path from a menu bar. Now take the “pen tool” or you can even use the crosscut by pressing P key on your keyboard.
  • Locate a place from wherever you want to start out drawing your clipping path.
  • Use the mouse pointer or cursor to draw a curve or management points will conjointly be used.
  • Carry on with drawing round the image and cease after you reach back to the primary purpose.
  • After reaching back, you will see a circle out of the pointer indicating that you simply have completed drawing the trail.
  • Now you will check whether or not your drawn path is simply the factor or not by navigating to the “Direct choice tool” because it can show the uneven points.
  • The reshaping of the path will be done effortlessly by adjusting the control handles at the error spots. But for this, you need to click on the spot that you want to reshape.

Pricing Table

We have pricing packages to suit your needs, no matter how many image you have.

Start From
$ 0.35

Clipping Path Service

  • Basic $ 0.35
  • Simple $ 0.90
  • Compound $ 1.50
  • Complex $ 4.00
  • Super complex $ 5.00

Quote Request

  • User account to web-upload
  • Job status monitoring
  • Dedicated FTP Account
  • WeTransfer Plus
  • Postpaid method

Pricing Example


clipping path cost

$0.35 USD


clipping path worth

$0.90 USD


clipping path price

$1.50 USD


clipping path rate

$4.00 USD

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Types of clipping path

Though there are different types of clipping path services are available but based on the image and demand of the clients, they are like

deep etching

Deep Etching

hand made clipping path

Hand Made Clipping Path

image outline

Image Outline

photo cutout

Photo Cutout

Clipping Crowd likes to be your best clipping path service provider

Manual clipping is actually a time overwhelming task that is finished with the pen tool and therefore the team of clipping crowd try this for you at reasonable rates. Clipping crowd is one of the renowned graphic studios. We are not only delegating with our inbound Asian customers only but also we are very much well experienced in making deal with the Clients from America and Europe!

We believe in quality rather than quantity, that’s why we are proud ourselves that we are fully committed to giving a quality service to our all kinds of customers all over the world.

Advantages of clipping path

There are plenty of good reasons for which clipping path is becoming more precious and demandable to the graphic designers, they are such as:!

  • Clipping path always gives a pure satisfaction to the photo editor to edit a raw image. It is full of quality due to a use of its pen tool
  • Any kinds of file format can easily be worth to edit in clipping path whereas many of the photo editing tools have that kind of lacking to not use all types of file format.
  • By the help of same pen tool, any photo editor can manipulate any unedited or raw photographs into their desirable one in clipping path.
  • Clipping path always works superbly in both the hard edge and soft edge with a flat quality.
  • As clipping path uses some unique pen tool so it gives the best result to any image and one can easily feel the world class experience.

Exclusive Characteristics of our Clipping Path Service

» All the images are set to ·Active· format

» All of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality

» We always avoid unnecessary or messy anchor points

» Clipping path is always made well inside the object, usually 2 pixels inside

Clipping Path Service Blog

Hey, Everyone! We are Clipping Crowd team (CCT) and we make really amazing and professional handmade quality clipping path. You can explore the article over the topic what you expect to know, how we do it, & why should you take services from us. Don’t Miss the awesome post!

photoshop pen tool

Photoshop Pen Tool using guideline step by step

The pen tool is used for clipping path because it fabricates flawless results by removing background whereas maintaining the image normally. It’s one of the tough edge vector masking procedures.

best clipping path service provider

Why professional photographers need us

Nowadays clipping path has captured it's all attention of the all professional photographers worldwide, and all of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality.

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