Clipping path is a special technique used by photo editors to delete or change shadow position, hide unwanted image elements or change the background of an image. Generally, a Photoshop Pen Tool is used to create a closed Vector Mask. It is a hard-edge vector masking technique that focuses on and separates different parts of an image such as fore ground or background.

Exclusive Characteristics of our Clipping Path Service:

  • All the images are set to ‘Active´ format.
  • All of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality.
  • We always avoid unnecessary or messy anchor points.
  • Clipping path is always made well inside the object, usually 2 pixels inside.
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Clipping mask experts of Clipping Crowd put forward the fastest and finest Silhouette and background removing service for the offshore customers. We are capable of handling any workload at reasonable price. Clipping Crowd an experienced clipping path service provider, which is highly regarded to produce high-end services.

It does not matter how complex or complicated your images are. Our skilled, experienced and capable team will and ensures you the topmost quality ever.

Exclusive Characteristics of our Clipping Path Service:

  • It can be made on any color or back ground, including transparent background.
  • It can also be composed in combination with a layer mask if the original format allows it.
  • The object always looks natural retaining its natural curves.
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To ensure world´s best quality clipping path service, we draw all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tool. We always deliver the topmost possible picture quality without losing the original object features or curves and can edit the images to fit on a suitable background, including white or transparent background. We have been delivering quality images to all our clients worldwide for printing, online stores or websites who wish to display professional looking images without the cost of a professional photographer and with the most cost effective image editors.

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