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You need to be concerned to optimize the image for the web if you want to survive in this competitive business world, and
we can serve you best in this case

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Edit image and increase product sell

Sometimes you have good content and resources in your pages or website for your business. Due to lack of good product images editing, your business growth may not increase as per your expectation. Thus, a product image editing service is a vital issue for an e-commerce business. Presently, the photography of products becomes time-consuming as well as costly. Here come the importance e-commerce retouching services.

Truly a visitor will not visit your web page if they find it gloomy or not attractive. No matter what may happen, you just need to make sure your product looks good. Luckily nowadays, there are a number of agencies are available for this e-commerce image editing service. Similarly, we are one of them. As always, we assure our customer to increase the sale of their products by our e-commerce product image editing.

photo editing

Photo Retouching in E-Commerce

The main challenge of e-commerce is to make their customer agree to buy their products. If the product doesn't look attractive then people will not find interest to buy them. As a result, their business will not make a profit either. As customers can not touch or see the products as for real so they depend on the photographs of the products only. Whichever looks attractive to them, they want to make a purchase from those sites. It may happen sometimes that products are good but they look blurred or not so bright. For that reason, people may not wish to buy those which cause a huge business loss. Products need to be looked good or present good; only then customers will compel to buy them. In that case, products editing is the best option to make image unique and shiny.

image retouching ecommerce

Need to keep your E-commerce site filled with quality contents?

Look no further, we can satisfy your content requirement just as you want it. We can resize all your images along with providing services like drop shadow, color correction, image retouching and image file format conversion like PNG, JPEG and many more as per your requirement. With us you can always keep that professional look to your website.

Amazon-eBay, & all type of E-Commerce photo editing solution

World's business is growing with the speed of growing technology. People are getting attached by online purchasing. They want to buy their desirable products from the e-commerce site. Besides, they think it's quite easy and time-saving process. Thus they become addicted to buying almost all types of products from online.

Thus, you need to be concerned to optimize the image for the web if you want to survive in this competitive business.

We are one of the reputed graphic firms in Bangladesh who can serve you best in this case. We have set a standard in doing photo retouch for our loyal customer. That’s why; we try to maintain a good relation with our clients by giving our best service.

Presently, we are providing these types of photo editing service for our e-commerce clients. They are:

  • Amazon Photo Editing service
  • Resize image and photo crop
  • Image optimization for the web

You can have a better idea from following their brief description.

Amazon photo editing service

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplace for e-commerce users. No doubt, if you are an online businessman then you must have the knowledge of Amazon. Good product image is the main key to access in Amazon. Besides, amazon believes that only a good, clear product image can attract more traffic to buy their products.

Clipping Crowd has a well-diversified power to make a white background for Amazon. Our expert knows better the standard alignment of editing a product photo set by Amazon. Thus, you can have the better traffic view of your products in the Amazon. Besides we offer a cost effective packages for our regular clients.

As part of our Amazon photo editing services, we:

  • Remove major and minor flaws
  • Remove / add backgrounds
  • white background for amazon
  • Retouch product images
  • Correct product perspective
  • Create uniform lighting effects
  • Remove / add watermark
  • Resize images as per Amazon’s standards
  • Harmonize colour and contrast
  • Crop Images, and do much more

Resize image and photo crop

We have an efficient team of image resizing and cropping of our e-commerce clients. Resize image and photo crop is one of the parts of editing photos perfectly. If your image is unfit or having an unwanted background then you must need to reduce image size. Otherwise, the product images do not look good and can’t make the sale growth of the company.

To solve this problem, our special team of E-Commerce product photo retouching always keep working hard. Our editing team is best in providing a crop, resize pictures immediately via batch files. Furthermore, we know the exact dimensions, size, file format and renaming process.

As part of our Resize image and photo crop Services, we perform:

  • Photo trimming
  • Free Transformation
  • Resize photo and image canvas
  • Image Resolution-DPI and dimensions fix
  • Set image and drop onto new template

Image optimization for the web:

An optimized image can add more value to your website. If the product image is not good looking the clients may have the doubt of the quality of the products. Despite being a good quality product, you may not have the credit of said so. Because of poor looking, dim lighting, the inappropriate background of the images, your products will lose its value. Therefore, there is the necessity of knowing web image optimizer of e-commerce.

As part of our Amazon photo editing services, we:

  • Image enhancement
  • Image retouching
  • Color, brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Noise reduction
  • Background removal
  • Image masking
  • File conversion
  • Shadows and enhancement
  • Watermark removal

Pricing Table

We have pricing packages to suit your needs, no matter how many image you have.

Start From
$ 0.70

Editing Service

  • Basic $ 0.70
  • Simple $ 1.00
  • Compound $ 2.00
  • Complex $ 3.00
  • Super complex $ 7.00

Quote Request

  • User account to web-upload
  • Job status monitoring
  • Dedicated FTP Account
  • WeTransfer Plus
  • Postpaid method

Pricing Example


amazon photo edting service price

$0.70 USD


ecommerce photo editing services-price

$1.00 USD


image optimization price

$2.00 USD


image retouching ecommerce price

$3.00 USD

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Types of E-Commerce Photo Editing

Though there are different types of E-Commerce photo editing services are available but based on the image and demand of the clients, they are like

amazone photo editing

Amazone Photo Editing

resize crop image

Resize Crop Image

web image optimization

Web Image Optimization

group ungroup photos

Group Ungroup Photos

Why you choose us:

Digital technology makes our life easier than before. Nothing is impossible by the blessing of this technology. We are staying in a world where everything is just matter of click. Fortunately, we got the internet and also living under E-Commerce civilization. Whoever is connected with e-commerce, they know well that business is all about the outlook for the products.

There is an old saying that a picture is worth than thousand words. Notably, it’s more than true in a case of e-commerce business. Since e-commerce business is all about doing business over the internet, so good product photography is must in there. A product’s image of a website can persuade a person to buy the products.

If you have a dream of making a profit by doing e-commerce business then you must do something unique. Alternatively, if your product is unique but you can't present them in a unique way then there will not a fruitful outcome. Thus, we are here to fulfill your dream by providing our best services. Your products and our editing image collaborate can make this dream come true.

Your one day delay of best photo editing may occur a huge loss. We don’t want to see such position any of our clients. Honestly, we always care for our customers who always rely on our services. Luckily, you will get the best service with a very affordable rate for your e-commerce business.

Advantages of clipping path

There are plenty of good reasons for which clipping path is becoming more precious and demandable to the graphic designers, they are such as:!

  • Clipping path always gives a pure satisfaction to the photo editor to edit a raw image. It is full of quality due to a use of its pen tool
  • Any kinds of file format can easily be worth to edit in clipping path whereas many of the photo editing tools have that kind of lacking to not use all types of file format.
  • By the help of same pen tool, any photo editor can manipulate any unedited or raw photographs into their desirable one in clipping path.
  • Clipping path always works superbly in both the hard edge and soft edge with a flat quality.
  • As clipping path uses some unique pen tool so it gives the best result to any image and one can easily feel the world class experience.

Exclusive Characteristics of our Clipping Path Service

» All the images are set to ·Active· format

» All of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality

» We always avoid unnecessary or messy anchor points

» Clipping path is always made well inside the object, usually 2 pixels inside

Clipping Path Service Blog

Hey, Everyone! We are Clipping Crowd team (CCT) and we make really amazing and professional handmade quality clipping path. You can explore the article over the topic what you expect to know, how we do it, & why should you take services from us. Don’t Miss the awesome post!

photoshop pen tool

Photoshop Pen Tool using guideline step by step

The pen tool is used for clipping path because it fabricates flawless results by removing background whereas maintaining the image normally. It’s one of the tough edge vector masking procedures.

best clipping path service provider

Why professional photographers need us

Nowadays clipping path has captured it's all attention of the all professional photographers worldwide, and all of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality.

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