Ghost Mannequin Removal or Neck Joint Service

We have expertises on adding up Neck part or back part of on any images by organizing the consistency of the editing, shapes, dimension and colors, finally it's measured by our professional Ghost picture editing team! By maintaining the integrity of the natural shade, the designs we are able to highlight or add to a good piece of the image size and color with wear and tear We measure the flow of the design and the size of the throat and then according to the final image of the output. The normal dimensions were supposed to be that each image neck joint joint 100% accuracy is assured by our professional image editing team.

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Mannequin is a French word which means an artist’s join model. It is nothing but a dummy or an articulated doll which is usually used by artists, dressmakers, tailors, photographers or another person who want to show their dress sense via this lay figure.

Fashion is something which can define your personality and as time changes so the fashion trend also. At present, the fashion of the generation mostly relies on the Internet or it can say we have been fond of online fashion. In sense of online product or fashion, product’s image is very much important to attract the targeted customers. To increase the sale of the products, good photography always matters. The quality of the material and product can be seen by only ghost mannequin service or invisible mannequin photography. Thus Ghost picture editor has become one of the popular names to the fashion lovers or e-commerce product sellers.

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Clipping Crowd is a renowned name in Ghost mannequin photography where you will find a strong team of dedicated graphic designers. We are committed to giving our customers 100% satisfaction in case of manipulating photography. We are not confined ourselves inbound of the Asia, we are very much expert in providing service globally too.

We have a long term work experience on giving neck joint service. Besides, we already have completed a number of projects with 100% success rate and quality. We are very much strict in completing our project in due time. So you will feel the best service with us. You will find us reasonable in our price setting service. We believe our customers are our assets so we always try to value your demand. According to your desire and taste, our team always give you the best quality service.

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invisible mannequin service

Invisible mannequin photography and Ghost Mannequin Removal service

Ghost mannequin photography indicates a special sector of photography where a seller or fashion designers can show their clothing stuff through 3D styles. Mannequin ghost is nothing but a way to present the dress in a new way as it is wearing by a real customer so that customers get interested in buying this.

Very experienced and well expert photographers are mandatory in a mannequin photography or clothing photography. Only an experienced photographer knows how to perform a photo image manipulation or ghost photo editing with smooth finishing line. In this photo shoot, photographers love to use a dummy or plastic to the doll to save the money. By using cloth mannequin, it gets quite easy and cozy to shoot a number of products image within a short time.

Actually, worldwide ghost mannequin is known by a number of names like ghost clothing, clear mannequin, transparent mannequin, neck mannequin and so on. But whatever the name, the process of removing clothes in Photoshop is same. Ghost fashion basically used for showing the garment products like shirts, pants, jackets, cardigan, swimsuit, undergarments etc.

Categories of Joint Clothing or Neck joint service

Depends on variabilities and procedures of editing ghost effect, Ghost fashion or ghost photo editor service is categorized by following types:

  • 2D joint for showing joint of the neck
  • 3D joint for showing joint of the neck, sleeve etc.
  • For hoody type jacket Hoody Joint
  • To present jewelry, neck combination editing.
  • Scarf showing neck joint.

Users of Ghost Mannequin service

Who are directly related to e-commerce and who is the seller of garment products, basically ghost editor is perfect for them. Apart from them, there are some other groups who are also getting benefits by using ghost photo editor. In magazines, Annual sports, Printing, E-commerce sites developers, graphic designers, Movie animation, Advertising Company etc. are also the users of this ghost mannequin service.

Procedures of Ghost mannequin Service

Usually, in ghost manipulation or neck joint services, the effect of ghost clothes is generated by having two images. One image is taken with using the mannequin and other is taken without having the mannequin so the inner part of the clothes can be seen. After then by using the clipping paths two photos are clapping together at the neck. In this process, an illusion of the ghost mannequin can be produced.

Apart from these, the color and the brightness of the image can be manipulated in a natural way so that buyer can be more attracted to buy the products.

Advantages of Ghost cut out or Neck Mannequin:

There are numbers of benefits of using mannequin image of mannequin photo in the e-commerce industry, they are such as:

  • By using this service, the product can be looked as more real and lively.
  • Ghost picture editor saves time and money of the photographer.
  • By using Photoshop remove clothes one can easily attract a target customer to buy the product, as a result, the total growth of sales also increases.
  • It is the most convenient way to remove the entire unwanted object from product images.
  • By using a special effect a damaged images can be repaired very easily.
  • It is also helpful for removing the watermark, changing eye color, resizing the image, shadowing image etc.

Pricing Table

We have pricing packages to suit your needs, no matter how many image you have.

Start From
$ 1.00

Clipping Path Service

  • Basic $ 1.00
  • Simple $ 1.50
  • Compound $ 2.00
  • Complex $ 2.50
  • Super complex $ 5.00

Quote Request

  • User account to web-upload
  • Job status monitoring
  • Dedicated FTP Account
  • WeTransfer Plus
  • Postpaid method

Pricing Example


neck joint price

$1.00 USD


ghost picture editing price

$1.50 USD


ghost mannequin removal price

$2.00 USD


invisible mannequin service price

$2.00 USD

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Types of clipping path

Though there are different types of clipping path services are available but based on the image and demand of the clients, they are like

clothes mannequin

Clothes Mannequin

ghost mannequin service

Ghost Mannequin Service

invisible mannequin

Invisible Mannequin

t shirt mannequin

T-Shirt Mannequin

Why will you choose Clipping Crowd for your Ghost Mannequin editing

We have s large numbers of professional in graphic designing who are engaged at 24 hours to give service to our valued customers. We are expert in all kinds of image manipulation service like ghost mannequin service, neck joint service, removes clothes etc. We have a great team who gives services of different categories of Photoshop according to our client demand.

We believe in the long run relationship with our honorable customers. So we always consider the quality rather the quantity of service. You have an option to try our free trial session if you have any doubt about our services. No matter, in day or night, you can contact with our team as they are spontaneously engaged in giving you the best service.

You will feel a professional service with a cheap rate; this is the best part of working with us. We are living in a very fast growing era where the fashion industry changes in every second with new terms and conditions. So there is no need of saying how much it is important to attain the growth rate in.

Exclusive Characteristics of our Clipping Path Service

» All the images are set to ·Active· format

» All of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality

» We always avoid unnecessary or messy anchor points

» Clipping path is always made well inside the object, usually 2 pixels inside

Clipping Path Service Blog

Hey, Everyone! We are Clipping Crowd team (CCT) and we make really amazing and professional handmade quality clipping path. You can explore the article over the topic what you expect to know, how we do it, & why should you take services from us. Don’t Miss the awesome post!

photoshop pen tool

Photoshop Pen Tool using guideline step by step

The pen tool is used for clipping path because it fabricates flawless results by removing background whereas maintaining the image normally. It’s one of the tough edge vector masking procedures.

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Why professional photographers need us

Nowadays clipping path has captured it's all attention of the all professional photographers worldwide, and all of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality.

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