Image Mask to remove background from picture

Photo Masking is required when you want to separate a part of a photo from the whole image where the edges are not well defined or sharp, bring any image to us we will make a decent picture! Sometimes too much details in a photo or visual make clipping path a less suitable option. In those cases, image masking can be the perfect solution. We provide Clipping mask, Image masking, Channel masking, Alpha masking, Layer masking and Transparency masking services based on the job requirements.

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Layer Masking

The layer mask is the style of mask individuals typically see once they bring up masking in Photoshop. We are able to hide or reveal parts of the pictures. Moreover, we are able to amendment the opacity of the varied parts of a picture by masking exploitation. If we modify the opacity of a layer from the layer panel, the vagueness of the entire image are going to be modified.

With the layer mask we are able to amendment the visibility of the layer. We are able to build any portion fully invisible or part visible. If we tend to paint with the black on the mask, that portion of the image is going to be all clear. Which means it'll build visible the layer/s at a lower place. The image is going to be part of clear if we tend to paint with any grayscale color.

layer masking

Clipping Mask

Clipping masks use one layer to see the visibility or transparency of another layer. For clipping mask, we tend to place a layer at the lowest of the layer we would like to use the transparency. From this bottom layer, we tend to manage the visibility of the layer higher than. For the beginners, it appears to a small degree contradictory if they compare the behaviour of clipping mask with the layer mask. It should appear to be that clipping mask is functioning reciprocally comparison to the layer mask.

In the case of a layer mask, we tend to paint exploitation black color on the mask to form the pixels of the layer invisible. However with the clipping mask we tend to do the other. The highest layer is going to be opaque or visible, if the lowest layer has some pixels therein space. If the lowest layer doesn’t have any pixels, the pixels on the highest layer are going to be clear or invisible.

clipping mask

Alpha Channel Masking

Every picture have totally different attributes for surgical process operations like removing the background. Therefore totally different ways are required to be applied in different types of images.

Alpha channel masking may be a bit advanced method of doing masking. However after we got to mask out the hair and furred areas, it becomes terribly tough and long to pick those areas with simply the comb strokes. Here is the need of alpha channel masking which is very much expert method to process the image.

alpha channel masking

Why do you need to get Photoshop Image Masking

mage masking is nothing but a method of graphics software package like Photoshop to cover some parts of a picture and to reveal some parts. It's a non-destructive method of image written material. Most of the time it permits you to regulate and tweak the mask later if necessary. Very often, it's economical and additional inventive of the image manipulation services.

there are two primary forms of masks in Photoshop: layer masks and clipping masks. Layer masks use values of grey to assign levels of transparency to specific parts of a layer or cluster of layers whereas clipping masks use the transparency of 1 layer to outline that of a unique layer or cluster of layers.

Clipping Crowd's photo masking service includes:

  • Translucent Masking
  • Masking thin Fur and Hair
  • Transparent Layer Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Layer Masking
  • Clipping Mask

It Is a Non-Destructive Technique

Masking indeed a non-destructive method. We can create changes later or fine tune to our masks, whenever we want to. However, if we tend to erase the unwanted areas, it's tough for transportation. Usually, we are not ready to embrace additional adjacent areas simply. If we wish to cover some space, we’ve to cut out, it should be doable by victimisation the masking technique. Therefore it's terribly arduous to avoid masking in an image.

Just to Cover and Show

As we know before, the best use of masking is to cover and show parts of images. It is easy to offer transition result, if we tend to use the terribly soft brush or gradient for masking. Sometimes, we will manage the transparencies of areas of an image, sort of a terribly shiny sky. If we wish we will create a really bright sky space rheostat simply by brushing the world with a grey color. Of course, there are different choices to realize this, however, this can be the straightforward and handy technique perhaps you choose for.

To modify a authentication of an image

It is quite common that you just got to modify an authentication of the image. As an example, you wish to alter the colour of the highest garment of a model. You’ll be able to create a mask by creating that portion visible. Then you'll be able to apply any quite modifications you want; like color adjustment/correction, brightness/contrast adjustment, exposure correction, etc.

Replacement Background of clear Objects

We can use the masking technique to get rid of the background of clear objects. This can be helpful for removing the background of glass kinds of objects as well. We will apply this if we want to exchange the background of a cloth or mesh sort of artifact that has some transparency.

One Advantage of Clipping Mask

One advantage of Clipping Mask compared to Layer Mask, is that we are able to build a unique space visible just by moving the clipped image. We are able to fine tune simply what is going to be visible through the mask, if we tend to use clipping mask. Otherwise, the traditional layer mask is sufficient for pretty much all the masking works.

Making Collage pictures

We can build fascinating collage pictures victimization the masking technique. The probability of constructing collage pictures is de facto endless. We are able to build fascinating effects by victimizing numerous photos and applying masking on them.

Any Photoshop technique has virtually endless prospects to manifest your imaginations. It is up to you which technique is best for you and what are you going to choose. But frankly speaking masking is an easy idea to apply; it takes particular an extended time.

Pricing Table

We have pricing packages to suit your needs, no matter how many image you have.

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Image Masking Service

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  • Simple $ 2.00
  • Compound $ 3.00
  • Complex $ 4.00
  • Super complex $ 7.00

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image mask price

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photoshop masking cost

$2.00 USD


masking price

$3.00 USD


clipping mask price

$4.00 USD

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Types of Image Masking

Though there are different types of image masking services are available but based on the image and demand of the clients, they are like


Photoshop Image Masking

Photoshop Hair​ ​Mask

Photoshop Hair​ ​Mask

cut out mask

Cut​ ​Out​ ​Mask

Clipping​ ​Mask​ ​Photoshop

Clipping​ ​Mask​ ​Photoshop

Clipping Crowd likes to be your best photo masking service provider

In the masking process, you may change or alter the background of an image with blurry or thin hair like edges or transparent glass edges and make clear to show every detail. The process of photo masking is a long and time-consuming process and depends much on the image and the sector to be masked. It requires a professional touch to make images appear the way it should appear even though if it was not taken under perfect conditions or may not show the desired results that you intended.

Exclusive Characteristics of our Clipping Path Service

» All the images are set to ·Active· format

» All of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality

» We always avoid unnecessary or messy anchor points

» Clipping path is always made well inside the object, usually 2 pixels inside

Clipping Path Service Blog

Hey, Everyone! We are Clipping Crowd team (CCT) and we make really amazing and professional handmade quality clipping path. You can explore the article over the topic what you expect to know, how we do it, & why should you take services from us. Don’t Miss the awesome post!

photoshop pen tool

Photoshop Pen Tool using guideline step by step

The pen tool is used for clipping path because it fabricates flawless results by removing background whereas maintaining the image normally. It’s one of the tough edge vector masking procedures.

best clipping path service provider

Why professional photographers need us

Nowadays clipping path has captured it's all attention of the all professional photographers worldwide, and all of our Clipping Path is fully handmade to ensure utmost image quality.

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