Special Discount Offer at Clipping Crowd!!

If you didn’t have enough reasons to associate with Offshore Clipping Path, they are offering Special Discounts (Valid from 25th November 2019 to 31st March 2020) for Bulk orders of photos for post-processing and retouching.

Clipping Path services are mostly used for background alteration of images using Adobe Photoshop, In Design or Illustrator. This method of editing includes the usage of vector paths and shape outlines for perfectly cutout backgrounds which are mostly used for website design, advertising, graphic design, digital photography and catalog designing.

ClippingCrowd.com is an outsourcing company that specializes in Clipping Path for post-processing, photo retouching, and manipulation, etc. They are well known for providing quality service at reasonable prices. This reputation has been earned due to Offshore clipping path’s outsourcing to Bangladesh, where an abundance of competent workers are providing excellent and prompt service at low costs.

30% Discount offer till the end of March 2020 for Bulk orders of all imagery services.

Compared to countries in America and Europe where DTP professionals are costly, it is much easier to find inexpensive service providers in Asian countries. Clipping Crowd has taken full advantage of this opportunity. This is why OCP can hire a large group of designers and serve the clients’ bulk orders with little to no errors. Don’t forget about the great deals!

This has not only benefitted the clients who are looking for a good deal on post-processing, but it has also opened up employment opportunities in these developing areas.

OCP also provides a quick turnaround time for their clients and keep to their word. Thanks to the large workforce, Offshore Clipping Path can process large orders and deliver them quickly within the agreed deadline.

“A variety of discounts are available at OCP this season depending on the client’s requirement. We always aim to have room for Client satisfaction.” – MM Uzzal Hossain, CEO of Clipping Crowd.

MM Uzzal Hossain also added, “We offer our customers free trials and quotes within a short period of time and our designers can usually provide results within a few hours. In addition to this, we keep our clients’ photos private and provide 100% security in terms of privacy.”

Discount range: Please follow the discount range based on the number of images.

> For (100-500) = 15% on net order
> For (500-1000) = 25% on net order
> For (1000-above) = as per discussion

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