Shadow Creation is a graphical effect that creates the illusion of a light source shining on an object from above so that a shadow appears to be shed behind the object. It gives an image depth by creating shading offset behind or beneath an image which gives the illusion of shadows or mock shadow from lighting and gives a 3D effect to the object. White or very light colored background is preferable for the best output of shadow creation. Putting a gray or black area underneath and offset from the object will give a very crafty look. A shadow creation gives a floating dimensional effect.

In the service of Image Shadowing, Shadow Reflection produces the same feeling like the original mirror or glass produces. Shadow Reflection is a graphic effect gives the illusion of shadows or mock shadow from lighting and gives a 3D effect to the object. Reflections are the new shadow creation. Shadow Reflection gives images look attractive and grab attention than normal ones. The glassy looks what Shadow Reflection creates can boost any photo ready for advertising or present.

Shadow and Reflaction


Color Correction Services increase image quality that taken in faulty light, overexposed or if they are faded due to old age. With digital photo editing techniques, color imbalances are removed to achieve the desired sharpness and to give the image the desired vivid and lively look.

In a color correction, sharpness and contrast levels are altered and the values of color channels are adjusted to achieve the desired output. Sometimes improper exposure, inadequate light, improper white balance and some other factors may give the photograph a dull impact; even sometimes a very rare photograph can lose its value. But with the support of Clipping Crowd, these problems can be fully fixed.

Old photographs could also become yellowish and discoloration or paleness may occur with the course of time. To restore and transform the images, especially if they are for exhibiting in websites, magazines or catalogs to look like professionally taken perfect images, you might consider Clipping Crowd´s Color Correction Service.

Color Correction Service provides:

  • Setting the right sharpness, contrast, and brightness of the images
  • Proper correction of the white balance
  • Increasing and maintaining consistency in tone and balance
  • Reducing improper color casts
  • Modify issues caused by improper exposure
  • Setting the right pixelation of photos to ensure resolution and clarity for photo printability
  • Correction of density and contrast in different color channels
Color Correction


Images sometimes might be appeared weird or smashed by an abundance of unpredictable instances. Photographs captured by photographers are not always bested to present.

We often are inclined to display our valuable images or photograph with a little bit more editing or ornamentation. In Image Editing, this technique is called Photo Retouching and Restoration. The exquisite work includes sky-importance in photography Enterprise, The Web or Marketing reason.

Clipping Crowd – a photo editing services provider including remove image background, will give you to get our excellent image Retouching and restoration service in more affordable cost and extremely fast turnaround time.



A photographer takes pictures of a jewelry item, but it´s not possible to upload this picture to the item´s sales page at Webpage, Amazon or Ebay etc.

The reason is that on the sales page there is a big pic, for an originally small item. And there is a close-up option in too.

So you need to make the pic look good, also when it´s in big size, and also with the close-up look.

Clipping Crowd Juelary Retouching


Photo Masking is required when you want to separate a part of a photo from the whole image where the edges are not well defined or sharp. It may be the whole image or a simple portion of the image. With this process, you may change or alter the background of an image with blurry or thin hair like edges or transparent glass edges and make clear to show every detail.

The process of photo masking is a long and time-consuming process and depends much on the image and the sector to be masked. It requires a professional touch to make images appear the way it should appear even though if it was not taken under perfect conditions or may not show the desired results that you intended.

Bring any low-quality image to Clipping Crowd we will make a decent picture out of it. Our specialties include making models more attractive by removing wrinkles from the skin, add make-up, removing spots or defects from your picture, remove red eyes and even work on your smile to give you that perfect toothpaste model smile.

Clipping Crowd·s photo masking service includes:

  • Translucent Masking
  • Masking thin Fur and Hair
  • Transparent Layer Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
Clipping Mask
Transparent Masking


Neck joint or mannequin service are generally applied to articulate or joint up the neck to the promising image or photo. Clipping Crowd offers neck joint services for mannequin removal, ghost mannequin.

It includes the following nick joint services:

  • Neck joint services
  • Mannequin removal
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Articulating Neck part
  • Invisible Mannequin Services

The shadow effect, We have expertises on adding up Neck part of on any images by organizing the consistency of the editing, shapes, dimension and colors with wear & tear. We control the flow of designing and the shape of necks and then output the finest quality of images according to your requirements. 100% accuracy of each photo neck joint is measured by our professional image editing team.

clipping crowd Nick Joint


If you are looking for a company who offers Image Optimization service with Resizing, Cropping, formatting and Straightening for publishing in a website or any advertising purpose at a competitive cost with the best quality then Clipping Crowd is the best solution for you. We have lots of skilled designers who deal with your jobs with utmost commitment and deliver to you the best-expected quality for your photos. Our expertise professional has the ability to handle any job, at any time, in any quantity.

Image Resizing means to make an image in the desired size without losing its original view or beauty. It does not keep bad effect or shrink on the actual image. Image Cropping involve to a removal of the unwanted portion of images. It also provides the way to get rid of garbage things, highlight important items. The most vital benefit from this is it can improve or fix resolution and reduce its size and resize without scaling and distorting the image.

Web Image Optimization
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