Clipping Crowd Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy matters to all the facts and information that is being acquired from you by Clipping Crowd when you use our site and services. Clipping Crowd reserves the right to change this privacy policy without prior notice. Clipping Crowd is committed to making certain that privacy of its clients´ is protected. Clipping Crowd will never share any private information to any third party, except when it required by law.

Clipping Crowd may periodically send its clients a promotional email with the use of the email address that you have provided about its latest products and offers which it thinks clients may find interesting. It may also use users´ information for market research purposes.

Clipping Crowd will never use any of clients´ images for commercial purposes and will not transfer it to any third party and even for its own promotional purposes including publishing on the website as a sample except the free trial images which it reserves the right to use for its own PR and advertising purposes only. You can stop such operation right away by sending an email to

If you are using the site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and for restricting access to your compute and you are responsible for all actions taken with your account information. Clipping Crowd keeps the right to use your IP address for administrative purposes and no way has the IP address given Clipping Crowd access to any access to your computer. Financial information all payment transactions are processed by third party companies. Under no circumstance which we ask or store your credit card number.

Contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions regarding this policy and statement at info@ Clipping Crowd reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy without any notice. Clipping Crowd is dedicated to making certain that clients´ privacy is protected. Clipping Crowd will not get spread around, sell or offer your personal facts and information to any third party, unless it is demanded by a legal requirement.

Clipping Crowd does not ever make use of your images for business motives and will not convey images to third parties as well as for PR and advertising motives which include publishing the images as sample except the free trial images, which it holds the right to take advantage of. You may discard this kind of usage right away by mailing.

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